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P.E Expression Session

Striking and Fielding

An Aussie Physed Educator named Sean DeMorton inspired the Aussie Physed Network a while back with the P.E Expression Sessions. Some of you may of heard of this, some of you may of not. I’ll be sharing my success story on how and why this is such an important part in any unit.

The P.E Expression Session is allowing your students to work in small groups or individually (depending on how you set it up) and to create their own game/activity related to their unit topic. But most importantly, the group must include their own success criteria of the game/activity they are creating. What else do the students get out of the expression session?
  • Responsibility
  • Team work
  • Communition
  • Trial and error
  • Implementing their skills and knowledge
  • Student driven

So you may ask how does this look like? You can check out Sean’s website or Twitter page (@mr_d_pe) for some of his ideas and they way he implements the expression session. I follow the same structure, however for my striking and fielding unit with my Year 3-4 students, I added on a few layers for them, to deepen their thinking even more.

Name: (Student name or group name)

Name of the game/activity: 

Success criteria: (What do you want your participants to achieve within your game/activity?)

Skills: (What skills are used in your game/activity?

Teaching points: (Step by step on how to complete the skills that are included into your game/activity)

I included the teaching points, as throughout the unit of Striking and Fielding, my students were exposed visually to our teaching points and I found this very beneficial for them. So I decided that they were required to include the points (as if they were the teachers) and this gave me an indication on their knowledge with their movement skills – could they explain and demonstrate this with confidence? 

​Again this can only improve with their skill development. Once students have designed, built and explored with their game/activity, students then go for a ‘sports gallery walk’. This is where students have a go at other games, with the groups leading the teaching and go through the success criteria, skills and teaching points.

P.E Expression Sessions are something that you can try at the end of a unit, where students share their success. 

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