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My #physed Future….

I love what I do, but I cannot wait to see what will happen with my career in 5-10 years time. I love being around students educating them to be the best humans they can be and being physically active on a daily basis. But do I want to stay in classroom/physed role for the next 30 years?


Not many express about their dream jobs, well actually we all want that job where we sit on the beach with no problems in the world, but that won’t be happening, well for me it won’t. 

But what I do want?

My dream job is to go from school to school (around the state, country and world) to work with teachers to expand their physical education skills, behaviour management skills, content skills supporting them through professional learning. Pretty ambitious, but hey, you need to dream big to achieve that success.

I can imagine The Miss Physical Education Tour – that would be cool – so much fun actually! 

I am a very determined person and I will work hard to ensure my dream job comes true, but not only my determination will get me there, other points will help me.

How can I achieve this goal?

  1. Passion – maintain my passion for what I do every day, with no passion the desire to make a difference disappears.
  2. Networking – continue to network.
  3. Professional Learning – critical for all educators, regardless how long you’ve been in the field for.
  4. Learn from mistakes – we are human after all, mistakes will make us better learners and humans.
  5. Feedback – receive constructive feedback to improve
  6. Work hard, play hard – have fun with your journey – you never know what will happen.

I will continue to push myself, push others to ensure my physed future is bright. This may take 3, 5 or even 10 years time, but it will be worth it.

Short and sweet blog, but this one was important for me to tell you all.

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