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Day One ConnectedPE – What did I learn?

Day One of ConnectedPE was a day that will go as to one of the best Professional Learnings I have attend. Not only did I get to present, but I got to meet and learn from other inspiring educators.
The day begun with a keynote by Andy Vasily, who is well respected in the education world. He spoke about his recent talk with TedTalk where he talked about key events in his life which allowed him as an individual to change his core  outlook and directions by the use of physical activity. Andy mentioned how physical activity gives us a sense of hope during our dark moments and how it benefits us during mental illness and addictions. He was very brave to share his past family experiences which was very powerful and how physical activity taught him to be more resilient. He asked us, "What role does physical activity play in your life?" I know for me I need to be active every day, to maintain that positive outlook on life and to continue to love what I do. 
Andy spoke about our core values in life and how our values shape us as person. My values are Honest, Learning and Fun. What are yours? My values connect well within my Health and Physical Education and it's important for me as a human being to share these values with my students. He went on to ask us more questions to get us thinking about who we are and who has played a huge role in life of education. I know mine is still my Year 12 English teacher who gave me belief during my late years of high school and supported me no matter what. I could go on forever with his keynote, but Andy finished off but saying "Fail, Learn and Keep Refining" and that's what we need to keep doing as educators and as human beings.
Once the keynote was over, I went to Jo Bailey's session on Teaching PE Affectively, which was a very fun and engaging session to ensure you are conducting your sessions affectively and fun. Straight away Jo connected the group (who have never met before) and we felt safe and engaged for the session. She shared many of her ideas, games and resources which are fabulous. I thank her for presenting and I thank her for inspiring me today.

I had the opportunity to present today, at my first every international conference and I must admit I was bloody pumped. A great crowd came to listen to my flipped learning journey. I had 45 minutes to inspire and to share my knowledge on how I used this teaching method. I believe flipped learning enables students to become better learners and is a game changer in our industry, as we know time is a huge factor. I thank the teachers who attended my session and I thank them for their positive feedback.
Just after lunch, we were ready for Dale Sidebottom, who is the founder of Energetic Education, and he sure was energetic! For 90 minutes, not only was everyone huffing and puffing, but everyone was smiling and having fun with fitness. He taught us his tricks and the way he implements 'games' and 'themes' into his teaching to make it fun and meaningful. My favourite activity was the Emoji game, that was really cool and even the Spring Carnival Race! Awesome!

To rapt things up for Day One of ConnectedPE, Dr Vicky Goodyear, who is an educator and researcher who spoke about social media and health within the younger generation. This YouTube clip was very powerful to watch and realise how students and us even, use social media these days and how Time is Precious. Vicky spoke shared with us some international evidence "that young people are increasingly turning to social media for health information instead of more traditional sources (teacher and parents)". For more detailed information check out her website

So thats a quick rapt for day one, I can't wait to go again to learn, to present and to network.

Thank you for the opportunity, this has made me a better thinker, learner and human being.