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Day One Physed

Day One of Physed

I say day one of your Physed class is the most important day of the school year. This is where we begin our new journey with our new classes. The students will be feeling all different emotions and we the educators need to ensure our students feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment.

Day one is where we begin to develop positive relationships, develop trust and create that atmosphere where students are intrigued and excited to find out more.

Recently on Twitter I posted a question for any educators to respond to my question – ‘insert twitter question’. I received different responses, which I applaud these educators for sharing what they do day one in Physed.

In my mind there is no wrong or right answers, every educator responds to day one differently, as we all have a different approach to our students and school community needs.

When reading these responses, you may see an idea that you think that could work in your learning area. Get in contact with that particular educator and find out more.

Response 1 – @HeadsUpPE – I like to re-establish rules of PE & the PE environment and play some fun icebreaking games. Always find it a tough one to balance activity and talking/listening.

Response 2 – @PhysEdDepot – I start with a Responsive Classroom approach, build relationships 1st, model routines, have them create rules, and play some icebreakers or low level cooperative games for personal and social responsibility. I have them start by writing ‘hopes and dreams’ on large chart paper.

Response 3 – @WSchultz44 – Unofficial start. Get them going straight away. No sitting down, No discussions. Just like we deliver teacher PD. for connection before content at MVPS.

Response 4 – @MrCardamone – I get the students to help devise a code of co-operation for the year and run through our use of for the achievement of success criteria.

Response 5 – @ImSporticus – Where possible straight into our curriculum and moving.

Response 6 – @framed01 – I use cooperative activities that can be tied into setting PE behaviour expectations. Also activities for getting to know each other.

Response 7 – @jhudnallPE – Do our normal warm up activity then 5 min of fitness, then I go over rules, expectations, & safety drills then we typically do a cooperative activity this year I did the hula hut challenge

Response 8 – @LukeRob67014752 – My 1st theory lesson is typically behaviour expectations-setting, uniform policy and other things that I have now realised are pretty dry and boring and not something to look forward to. Which I plan to change this year with some fun and engaging activities they can look fwd to.

Response 9 – @LWEGator_PE – Teamwork activities with their new class

Response 10 – @johnkatavtis – I talk about the opportunities the Ss get in the year and what affects them. Then I highlight the journey of the year (guideline), visuals that are displayed, self-reflection and the expectations. Wk 1 games are generally team invasion games so I can see the social dynamic

Response 11 – @luke_cotter11 – I mix between activities – stronger focus on team work and team building activities – and then question them on what they expect to be acceptable and unacceptable in the PE class. Will also discuss and point out what we are covering for the term and year.

Response 12 – @PhysEdRav – I play basic tag games, and discuss each of the areas we grade, what motor skills, strategy did we use? How were we socially responsible?

So you may ask what do I do? Or how will I approach our day one of Physed. This year I have the pleasure of working with an outstanding educator (@GasperLeonie). Leonie and I will be team teaching a lot, therefore having two ideas will be a bonus. (Teaching Primary/elementary students).

I have a vision in my head called “The Power Of…” This is a 4 week program (start up program – connect before content) dedicating values, teamwork, sportsmanship’s, connections, mindfulness for our students so they are set for the year. We want our students to take ownership and to drive this program.

For example –

Week 1 (Day one) – The Power of a Team (unpacking what a successful team is, building connections and trust within a team etc) building a successful team routines, team expectations – making connections with other successful teams. Connecting these with Playmeo games.

Week 2 – The Power of Values – Connecting with Physical activities and the ‘real world’

Week 3 – The Power of Sportsmanship – Connecting with Physical activities and the ‘real world’

Week 4 – The Power of Mindfulness – Connecting with Physical activities and the ‘real world’

Note: These weeks may change.

As you can see all responses are different and have different objectives. However if I can give you one advice (which was given to me last year) and that is CONNECT BEFORE CONTENT. This advice was thrown at me by Sean DeMorton and a few other educators.

The content won’t go away, the curriculum won’t go away, the importance of connecting before content, I believe is the most important learning that your students will take part in. You may disagree or agree, however like I said above, as educators we all have different approaches to ‘day one’ and the first few weeks of a new school year.

So if you’re just starting up again for the year, I wish you all the best. If you’re half way through the year, I wish you a successful finish to your school year. But don’t be afraid to revisit your ‘day one’ lesson throughout the year. Students need reminders and we need reminders.

Remember as educators one of our responsibility is to ensure ALL STUDENTS FEEL SAFE AND ALL HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES TO LEARN AND TO SUCCEED.

Keep inspiring others and chat soon


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