Day Two ConnectedPE Conference – What did I learn?

So let start by sharing my quick story on how I got to ConnectedPE 2017. 3 years ago I presented for the first time at a Teach Meet night in Melbourne and I was petrified. From then onwards, I realised I wanted to expand my career by supporting other educators and students from all over the world. Since then I have joined Twitter, expanded my network, created new resources, launched my website and Facebook page. I have presented across my home state and around Australia, now I can say I have presented at an international conference. I travelled over 11,000kms for a two day conference, at my own cost, some of you may say ‘crazy’, but I say it’s who I am, driven and determined.

Moving onto the conference, and it began with a keynote by Professor Shane Pill, who again is very well respected in the Education world. His focus was about Play with Purpose, which he was able to unpack the meaning and share some inspiring thoughts. I had a conversation with Shane on day one and spoke about how we educators must teach our students to become better thinkers, which is spot on. This is something that I’ll take with me every day when I teach. Shane bought up the purpose of a school, which included Academic and Social Purpose and threw some vital questions at us. “How does P.E/Sport contribute to these purposes?” “What can we do in PE/Sport that can’t happen elsewhere?” These questions are now questions that need to be answered every day as we teach and guide our students. Shane mentioned that PE/Sport can identify talent ID and create pathways for those students OR it can also be flexible for other students, for example squashing a can of coke and playing soccer with it. As long as PE/Sport has purpose for all students then we are on the right path in creating life long learners and opportunities for the students.
As educators we need to emphasis on PE/Sport ‘Anytime, Anywhere’. We need to be explicit with our learning intentions, task intentions (repetition of learning intention experience in different ways) and maximise student participation.

Again we need to create students into better thinkers – an excellent keynote by Shane.

I then took part in a session by Jace Ferguson who spoke about FUN Cooperative Games. He shared the way he implements these games and how he assess along the way. Jace shared examples on how he ‘builds’ into games and how they relate to his current focus. I thank him for sharing.

It was then my turn to present my second topic on You Have The Power To Make Physed Great. This was the fourth time I had presented this in 2017, this for me is very important as I have been able to spread my message to various educators from around the world. I thank the educators who attended, participated and provided positive feedback for my session. 

Besides listening to Andy Vasily during keynotes, I have never seen him close up in action. So this one was going to be a good one! He spoke about unpacking the success criteria and driving question. Now for all that know me, I am a huge fan of this and use this every day with all my students. This allows the students to take charge and drive the lesson. Andy challenged us in many ways and gave us inspiration to take back to our own classroom. I thank him for sharing his wisdom and knowledge.

To finish up ConnectedPE Conference, it was the fabulous Jo Bailey, who I admire as an educator and from getting to know her, as a human being as well. She took the audience on a Trip of a P.E Lifetime and it was an awesome trip. She reminded us to pack a lot things when travelling around the P.E world. Some of the things she mentioned was
* Be ready to be flexible
* Allow your students to create their own opportunities
* Freshen up your ideas
It was a great way to finish off the conference, her messages were so powerful. To see more of the keynote and other speakers check out the ConnectedPE website for more details.
But to finish off the conference I was recognised by the ConnectedPE community for my hard work and contribution I have made in the P.E world, that was a very special moment for me personally.

So what happens next? Well I’ll go back to Melbourne and go back to Newbury Primary School to further develop my students skills, for them to become better thinkers, to become outstanding human beings and to continue to support and network with the P.E community/world.

Thanks again,

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