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Flipped Learning in Physical Education
Flipped Learning allows you to give your students a head start. Producing videos, eBooks or even posters to flip your students learning, is very powerful. See some examples below.
More videos can be seen on my YouTube page - Christina Polatajko
Flipped Learning - eCards

Flipped your learning with eCards

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Introduction to Tennis

Flipped Learning - Tennis

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Invasion Games

Flipped Learning - Attack and Defend

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Quick Flip

Giving students a small introduction to the next focus

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Flipped Learning - Year 5/6

Invasion Games, using Google Slides.

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Striking and Fielding Games

A small introduction to Striking and Fielding games.

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Flipped Learning - Fitness

Small introduction to Fitness Components

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Success Criteria

Giving my students a head start with their assessment.

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Netball Positions

Flipped Learning using ScreenCast

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It's Time To Hop

Students prepare on their next focus - Ditty App

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